The Lyrids meteor shower

Usually active between April 16 and April 25 every year. Peaking around April 22 or April 23.

The oldest known meteor shower, the Lyrids are named after constellation Lyra and are associated with comet Thatcher, which takes about 415 years to orbit around the Sun.

The radiant point of the shower – the point in the sky where the meteors seem to emerge from – lies near the star Vega, one of the brightest stars in the sky during this time of the year.

Lyrids meteor shower sky6

The moonlight is likely to wash out some Lyrid meteors in 2014, a portion of these Lyrid meteors should be bright enough to overcome the moonlit glare. Another  feature of the Lyrids to watch for is that about a quarter of these swift meteors exhibit persistent trains – that is, ionised gas trails that glow for a few seconds after the meteor has passed.

        Location in the sky

Lyrids meteor shower for Canberra
Time Azimuth/
Midnight Sat-Sun 50°Northeast 0.2° below
1:00 AM 41°Northeast 8.1°
2:00 AM 30°North-northeast 15.2°
3:00 AM 18°North-northeast 20.2°
4:00 AM North 22.6°
5:00 AM 351°North 22.1°
6:00 AM 338°North-northwest 18.7°

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