Macro stacking setup.

Sunday is construction day, on the work bench I’ve been configuring a setup for running the cognisys stackshot rail & timer. First step was to clean up an old silk tripod. It is an aluminium 2 stage, with pan head. To the mount I’ve added another mount with a screwed lateral shift for small sideways adjustments to get the critters lined up.

 So the stepper motor rail attaches to this and has a spare screw hole to mount an arm for off camera flash. In this case it’s a Nikon SB-80DX flash connect to a quantum power supply, this hangs from the t-pod giving extra weight for stability. Atop the flash is an old Gary Fong whale tail to give a nice big diffusion light source. Also the flash is on a mini ball head to allow some directional adjustment and scan be shifted to the other side if required. The flash is triggered by a couple of pocket wizards so manual flash adjustment will be used. The rail is powered from a gel cell battery also hanging from the t-pod, its 12volts also runs the timer which is velcroed to a support across the t-pod spreader.

Currently connected for testing purposes Ihave a Nikon D300 with 105mmf/2.8 macro. looking forward to finding some creatures small and still enough to do a 10 shot stacked image run through helicon software which will also give me a nice rotatable 3D too. 


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