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The Sound Of Music





The musical by Paul Dion based on the book of the same name by Bill Condon.

Teenager ‘Thorns’, (Anthony Thorne) reveals to his new friend, Jack that he has a heart problem but he’s “cool with it” because he has a list – a bucket list. It’s a list of crazy things to do before he ‘carks’ it. And he wants Jack’s help.

There are very funny moments when Thorns reveals what he has already achieved. Parents, teachers, friends and even part-time comedian, 80 year old Herman Goldfinger, are all drawn into his escapades.

Challenging, touching and funny, ‘Daredevils’ is about friendship, courage, and the pursuit of dreams. – A celebration of life and the human condition.



Travelling North

The play focuses on Frances  and Frank, a mature aged couple enjoying the bliss of new love. After a six week road trip ‘north’, Frank convinces Frances to leave their cold but cultured Melbourne for a warm, relaxing, ramshackle property in Tweed Heads. Frances’ adult daughters, Helen and Sophie are dubious about the relationship, fearing their mother will be relegated to the role of nursemaid, becoming bored and resentful so far away from her beloved plays, galleries and concerts. Frances’ determined mind is made up however, and the couple make their way north to shack up, settling into the small town atmosphere with enthusiasm, but mild disdain.



Behind the scenes.

4 Lady Directors, 4 Plays

“Four Women, Four Plays” was our 2011 production at Twyford Hall.  It featured four one-act plays with each one directed by a local lady.  The debut directors were Jen Hughes, Loretta Walsh, Judy Davidson and Denise Dion.  Incidentally, these four ladies received the “Patricia Kelson Encouragement Award” in the 2012 Canberra Area Theatre (CAT) Awards.


erica and me

boxing day

nice cup of tea

love or near offer


Rehearsal Galleries



Prix D’amour

Merimbula’s Spectrum Theatre Group staged the world premiere of a sensational new musical about the life of Rose and Lang Hancock at Twyford Hall, Merimbula.
Based on the unauthorised biography of Rose Hancock, ‘Rose’ by Robert Wainwright, there were plenty of surprises for those who thought they knew everything about Rose Hancock.

The story of Rose & Lang Hancock

rehearsal gallery

performance gallery

Pirates of Pambula Beach

A melodrama by John Fraser.

pirates of pambula beach

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